Marius Watz: KBG (sound viz)

Workshop: Intro to Generative Art with Processing
Sat Sept 21, Park Slope, NYC

Participants will be introduced to the principles of Generative Art using the Processing programming tool. A generative system can take many forms, but is essentially a set of rules that when translated to code executed is capable of producing an endless variety of forms or visuals. We will look at how a generative visual can be created, from sketching in code to creating professional quality output for print or video.

The examples we will go through include useful some essential building blocks and tools-of-trade, applied to real-world problems. Topics include how to do basic composition and color in code, to more complex issues like creating geometry and animation. By adding GUI controls and print / video output to our sketches we have the makings of a full-fledged generative system.

Suitable for: Beginners to intermediary. Some Processing experience is a plus, the workshop will include a quick introduction to the language. The tools and tips we’ll use should still be of interest to intermediary coders.

Practical information

Venue + workshop details: My apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Workshops run from 10am to 5pm, with a 1 hour break for lunch (not included). Workshops have a maximum of 6 participants, keeping them nice and intimate.

Price: $160 for artists and freelancers, $220 for design professionals and institutionally affiliated academics (if your institution is picking up the tab.) Students (incl. recent graduates) and repeat visitors enjoy a $30 discount.

Basically, if you plan to use what you learn commercially or you enjoy a level of financial stability that is not shared by independent artists like myself, please consider paying the higher price. You would be supporting the research that forms a large part of my practice, research that I share with the community through teaching and publishing code.

The price scale works by the honor system, there is no need to justify your decision.

Booking: To book a spot, please email with your name, address and cell phone # as well as the name of the workshop you’re interested in. If you’re able to pay the higher price level please indicate that in your email. You will be sent a PayPal URL where you can complete your payment.

Attendance is confirmed once payment is received. Keep in mind that there is a limited number of seats on each workshop.